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round trip delay plus a fixed increment. Answer no Due to interference, only 26 can be collocated Another dimension Frequency hopping is used instead of a single frequency per AP 42 Frequency Hopping (FH) What is FH? Propagation delay on the bus. Multitapped shared buses in coaxial cable transmisison systems users can inject a signal that propagates in both directions of the medium ring adapter, host. If when the medium is sensed it is busy then wait for medium to be idle for a difs (DCF IFS) period then decrement backoff timer until medium becomes busy again freeze timer, OR timer reaches 0 transmit.

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33 Ethernet performance f fraction of time the channel is busy L length of frame R data rate a one-way propagation delay 2ae average number of contention slots before success in getting the medium 2a is contention slot 34 Ethernet. One transmitter sends data multiple receivers can receive the signal and obtain the data. Brief ohne Vordruck PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. After i-th collision, wait a random number between 0 and 2 i-1 time slots. 26 csma Carrier Sense Multiple Access sense carrier if idle, send wait for ack If there isnt one, assume there was a collision, retransmit Vulnerable period one tprop 27 Different techniques 1-persistent if busy, constantly sense channel if idle, send. Tools, um Formen zu kombinieren.